The CBC analyzes how Indigenous ownership of TMX could be a game-changer

"Ownership gives First Nations a role in protecting the environment," Delbert Wapass said in an interview Tuesday. "To me it is a game-changer. It's the ability to change the narrative in our communities, using economic development as a path forward."

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The Globe and Mail notes growing Indigenous interest in owning TMX

That Indigenous-led groups are included in reaction to a pipeline announcement is evidence how the conversation is changing.

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Indigenous ownership included in the Vancouver Sun’s recap of reaction to TMX approval

More people are paying more attention to the growing interest in Indigenous ownership of TMX after the federal government re-approves its expansion.

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An article in Energy Now about the growing momentum for Indigenous ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline

When the Federal  Liberals announced last May that they were buying the Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5B to ensure the expansion would be built, Finance Minister Bill Morneau stated the project was in the national interest, and proceeding with it will preserve jobs, reassure investors and get resources to world markets. He also said the government did not intend to be a long-term owner, and that the government would work with investors to transfer the project and related assets to a new owner or owners.

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Delbert Wapass speaks about a new Alberta initiative to help Indigenous involvement in resource development

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he hopes the growing number of First Nations-led proposals to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline come together under one banner, which he says would be a “game changer” for obstacles facing the expansion project.

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CTV's Alberta Prime Time speaks with Managing Director Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason, our Managing Director, spoke about the benefits of Indigenous ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline with CTV News. 

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Delbert Wapass, our Executive Chair & Founder, on Evan Solomon's radio show

Steve Mason, our Managing Director, talks with BNN Bloomberg news about Indigenous ownership of TMX

Project Reconciliation's Managing Director Steve Mason provides an update on how pipeline-ownership talks between Indigenous groups and the federal government have been developing.

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The National Post’s John Ivison writes about the growing push for Indigenous ownership of TMX

In his book Enlightenment Now, cognitive scientist Steven Pinker argues that the prevailing culture of pessimism has made the very notion of progress unfashionable.

The release this week of the final report of the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls lends to the impression that we have never had it so bleak when it comes to Canada’s relationship to its First Peoples.

Yet there is plenty of evidence to contradict the stereotype that all Indigenous Canadians are trapped in a cycle of misery.

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A University of Calgary professor writes about the benefits of majority Indigenous ownership of TMX

The standoff between Indigenous communities — backed by environmentalists — and the oil industry has led to regional alienation that is threatening the fabric of Canada in ways not seen since the height of the Québec separatist movement.

We, a business school professor and a former chief of the Thunderchild First Nation, believe the future of Canada — a major energy exporter — must include national economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social and economic justice for Indigenous peoples.

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